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River Cabin

River Lodge and River Cabina are currently available
for new Sierpe del Pacifico owners’ use.

The River Lodge is owned by Founder/Owner Fred Scheer as his Costa Rica vacation home. The River Cabina was the first structure built at Sierpe del Pacifico and it serves as a model for future design.

In the initial offering phases of Sierpe del Pacifico, both the River Lodge and the River Cabina will be available to new owners providing them with the opportunity to immediately begin enjoying the Sierpe del Pacifico lifestyle without needing to first build a home for themselves. This arrangement provides new owners with an ideal place to spend time in Sierpre del Pacifico
while they make important decision about the design
and construction of their personal home.

The River Lodge rights of use are determined by the classification of the Sierpe del Pacifico lot purchased as well as the date at which the client purchases an Sierpe del Pacifico lot. Additionally the rights of use will exist for a limited time after date of purchase, and use will involve a modest nightly charge so as to cover the costs of cleaning, repairs, and general expenses.

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